Our Story


We ? Graffiti & Street Art

Our passion for both graffiti and street art started in the 1990s. We fell in love with graffiti from its early days to today.

Street and urban art have seen a meteoric rise in popularity since then, and especially over the last decade. Today many street artists create both street art and studio work.

The 21st century has been a time of change for street art, morphing graffiti and the like away from vandalism and into recognized art forms.

Our mission is to portray and document all different forms of street art and graffiti. London has always been a melting pot of different subcultures, and played a crucial part for both graffiti and street art on a global scale.

We would love to welcome you to join us on our journey. Connect with us either on social media, or join us on one of our graffiti and street art walking tours right in the heart of East London. 

See you soon ?

Your friends at SVL – Est. 2015